Carl Geiger is a artist, technologist and teacher experienced in 3D portraiture, video synthesis, and photography. Carl’s current work merges technologies 3D photography, shape capture, cnc wood carving, 3D printing to develop 3D portraiture Photobusts, photo accuracy sculpture

Carl has been supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, The National Endowment for the Arts, Community Arts Partnership, The Experimental TV Center, The Community Foundation, and the Downtown Committee of Syracuse.  Carl co-founded the Synapse Video Center at Syracuse University and Innervision Media Systems: non-profit organizations working with video as art.  Carl converted an industrial building, The Creamery, into live-work space for artists.


In Carl’s early work with portraiture he used an analog video synthesizer; Electronic Imaging System he called it.  This preceded (1974-1991) his jump to 3D portraiture in 2013.