Between Us 2022-2023

A yearly, traveling exhibition of the couples I have 3D photographed in a year.

This is the very first showing of Between Us as a first in a new branch of photography it will someday be crazy valuable.

23 couples this year.  I’ve already started recording couples for next year’s exhibit.

Each year Between Us will be exhibited in at least one gallery or museum.  I’m looking toward somewhere in NY city for next year.

Commissioned couples 3D Photobusts will be included in Between Us if desired.

 The title comes from what I’m trying to capture: nuances of a couple’s relationship revealed by 3D.

This piece will sell for $15,000.

Carl Geiger

 First year of a yearly project. I’m looking to capture Between Us is an ongoing project of mine where I’m trying to capture something special in a couple’s relationship revealed in 3D. 

I will do a new series each year.