Envision a future where portraits rise from the page.

I create 3D, photo-accurate sculptures of people,  carved in wood or 3D printed.   

I call them PhotoBusts.

Portraits printed in wood overlay a person’s shape onto the texture and grain of the wood, creating warmth and unexpected charm.

Resin prints are crazy-intricate and engaging. 

Both use touch, light and shadow to create a  personal experience unobtainable from a flat image.


I Photograph individuals, couples, family trees, Photobust Stories and make interpretive sculptures. 

Gallery | All Shapes Considered

Everyone should get a 3D portrait

It is a great thing to give. 

To understand these portraits, you have to touch them, close your eyes feel them and live with them 

then you realize how revolutionary they are.

A 3D portrait of an individual is a powerful, highly personal object. 

  Brief overview and samples video.





Briefly the Process

My camera, a 3D scanner, an Artec Leo, captures shape in addition to color.  The camera aims at the subject from all sides.   

A computer fuses the camera data into a model.

I refine the models, repairing and smoothing via digital 3D manipulation.  I augment the data – sometimes adding a base, or sculpting additions or distortions. 

In making a wood prints, CAM software converts the shape data into instructions for the CNC router (open-source design I built) on exactly how to carve the shape. 

For 3D resin prints, I use slicing software which makes thousands of .05 mm thick layers that build up.  Finally, I sand, finish, sign, document and post the work.


Brandon Lazore Onondaga, lives in AKWESASNE, artist, dancer and more.


An example of what the camera caught Click link.



This gives an interactive view.  You should be able to see the person from all sides, angles and zoomed.  There are different surface options such as full color and the only one color  with some lighting which gives an indication of what it may look like when sculped into an object.  Click the icon that looks like a yo yo and try choices.



My goal is to 3D photograph as many different shaped people as possible.  




Brandon, Onondaga
   Snipe Clan Nation.